Shysia Tar

Col Val Orolor


Vyr Eidorys



You are now Ailori. You can now access the Ailori Guild Vault, and listen to the officer chat. You are now on your way to becoming Shysia Tar.

Promotion Requirements

As Ailori, you vow to understand the importance of, and follow the Shal os Vaeli Saes. You must complete the tasks your Col Val Orolor has given you, complete 3 dungeons with a group of other Ailori os Shal os Vaeli, and prove your worth to Aestaer by completing a quest she gives you. In order to gain the rank of Shysia Tar, you must do these things. When your Col Val Orolor has decided you are ready for Shysia Tar, he/she will submit the form to Aestaer, and you must then await confirmation.
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