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Hello friend, and welcome. Here at Bending With The Mind, BWM for short, you will find an ever-growing recourse of information on all that is holistic, natural, magical, witchcraft, and more. Indexed in many different, understandable ways, you will find the information you're looking for, the teachings you're looking for, and many things you didn't realize you're looking for. I hope you get the chance to expand your knowledge as sons and daughters of the God and Goddess, as brothers and sisters, as friends. Enjoy the time you spend here at BWM, and have a wonderful present and tomorrow.
I myself, Ian Bernard, built this wikia because I wanted to expand my knowledge, and share what I know with others freely, and allow others to share what they know with others and myself. You will notice that most all pages are protected, disallowing Students from editing them. This is because these pages are serving as my own personal library of information I've collected, publicly shared with all that wish to view them. You wouldn't want someone going through your personal collection of information, then scratching things out, ripping out pages of your books, scratching their notes and random scribes all over it, and nor do I. This is why pages are protected.
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