I myself, Ian Bernard, built this wikia because I wanted to expand my knowledge, and share what I know with others freely, and allow others to share what they know with others and myself. You will notice that most all pages are protected, disallowing Students from editing them. This is because these pages are serving as my own personal library of information I've collected, publicly shared with all that wish to view them. You wouldn't want someone going through your personal collection of information, then scratching things out, ripping out pages of your books, scratching their notes and random scribes all over it, and nor do I. This is why pages are protected.

Though, you want to share your knowledge also, yes? Well great! That is what this wikia is about, learning together as sons and daughters of the God and Goddess, as brothers and sisters, as friends, all that we can this life. We must join together, and embark on that great quest for knowledge together. I have a way for you to share your information, without getting it mixed up with my personal collection of information. Continue reading this page to find out more.

Start Teaching

Create user namspace

Click to enlarge to see how to properly create a user namespace.

Every user has what is called a "user namespace", and the ability to post blogs. Let's say that you want to create a homepage of your own. Do this by creating a new page titled as followed.
Replace "username" with your username, and either replace "Home" with whatever you'd like, or keep it as "Home".
This page will be your home page. From here, you can link to your other pages and blog posts. Design this page however you'd like; make it your own.

Blogs and Pages

You have to realize the difference between a blog and a page. A blog, first of all will have a different title. (example below)
user blog:username/blog title

A page will not have the "user blog:" part of the title included, nor will you be able to receive comments from others on a page.
Only on a blog post can you receive comments from other users directly. So, if you would like to receive comments, go with a blog-based tactic. If you don't want people to post comments, go with a "user namespace"-based tactic.

Adding More Pages

Adding additional userspace-pages is easy. Create a new page, and just place "User:username/" before the title of the page, just like when you created your homepage, then simply link your desired pages to your homepage how you'd wish. You can also link blogs back to your homepage!

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