Shysia Tar

Col Val Orolor


Vyr Eidorys


High Ranking Officer

You are now Col Val Orolor. You can access the Col Orolor Guild Vault, speak in the officer chat.

Guild Responsibilities

You should now expect to be confronted by Torojael, and when you are confronted by one asking for Ailori, you must accept the first 5. After you accept the first 5 Torojael to train into Ailori, you can chose to accept them or send them to someone else.

Don't think you can get out of it without quitting the guild. Each time you are going to accept a student, you must mail Aestaer and let her know that you are going to do so. Then when you think one of your Ailori is ready for Shysia Tar, you must mail Aestaer and await for her confirmation.

After you have passed 5 Ailori onto Shysia Tar, you must lead at least 15 dungeons with a group of at least 3 Ailori from start to finish.

Promotion Requirements

To advance to the next rank, Tastol, you must enter a tournament, dueling other Col Val Orolor's and win, along with completing what is listed above.
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