Shysia Tar

Col Val Orolor


Vyr Eidorys



You are now Tastol. You can now access the Tastol Guild Vault, and give quests to Col Val Orolor.

Guild Responsibilities

As Tastol, you must compete in the arena with other Tastol at least 20 times, and win each round. Once you complete a round successfully, the two Vyr Eidorys that are overseeing the match will keep note of how many times you have won, however you must also keep track (to ensure correct keeping)

You must go with the group of Ailori along with their Col Val Orolor to dungeons, advise the Col Val Orolor on the best next move, and ensure that Col Val Orolor is leading the Ailori in the Shae os Shal os Vaeli (Way of the Band of Peace).

It is your duty to accept any Duel, and win for Shae os Shal os Vaeli.

Promotion Requirements

You must Vaeler 20 players to earn the title of Vyr Eidorys, and also complete what is requested above.
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