Shysia Tar

Col Val Orolor


Vyr Eidorys



You are now Torojael os Shal os Vaeli. (A Citizen of the Band of Peace). You can now chat in the Guild Chat, and start stepping toward the beginning of your Ailori Valol. Or, if you would like, you can remain Torojael unless requested otherwise.

Promotion Requirements

To become Ailori, you must first seek a Col Val Orolor of your class to train you in the ways of the Shal os Vaeli until your Col Val Orolor finds that you are ready to become Shysia Tar.

Guild Responsibilities

As Torojael, you will be expected to use your professions to better the guild. If Ailori or Condraes (Higher) is in need of something, i.e Health Potion, and you are an alchemist, if you are asked for a Health Potion, and you are able to produce one, you are expected to gladly give Ailori or Condraes said health potion.
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