Shysia Tar

Col Val Orolor


Vyr Eidorys



You are Vaeleraer when you first join the Guild. As Vaeleraer, you cannot do much in the guild. You cannot withdraw from the Guild Vault, and you can only read the Guild Chat, not talk, but don't worry, you'll advance to the next rank in no time.

Promotion Requirements

To advance to the next rank, you must gain Torojaelor (Citizenship). You can do that one of two ways. You can either:
A) Vaeler (Recruit) someone else into the guild. (The easiest, and most preferred way.)
B) Shordi (Bribe) your way into Torojaelor. You can do that by giving Aestaer a gift, and then she would have to tell you if the gift is worthy enough.If your gift was found worthy enough to gain you Torojaelor, then you would be granted the next rank.
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