Shysia Tar

Col Val Orolor


Vyr Eidorys


Royal Advisor

You are now Vyr Eidorys. You can now access the Vyr Tys Guild Vault, and give quests to Tastol.

Guild Responsibilities

Your duty is to constantly Vaeler - at least 20 players a month, spread word of the Shae os Shal os Vaeli, and advise Aestaer in anything and everything.
  • If you see that for the betterment of Shal os Vaeli, you can aezoli any Ailori or jhyrdaes (lower), as long as you have vaeryl (reason). When you aezoli a taestaes (member), you must mail Aestaer and explain your vaeryl. If Aestaer finds your vaeryl tylaesaer, the taestaes will be vaeloraer (reinvited).

You must oversee all tournaments, and Tastol Per (Champion Duels) when requested.

On Aestaer's request, you must give quests to taestaes, and take them under your wing, helping them become Vyr Eidorys.

You must oversee Shal os Vaeli, and mail Aestaer with information of prommising taestaes, and keep her informed on day to day happenings.

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